Updated Suits to fix the problem of the it not launching.

I wasn't quite sure of the problem with Suits not launching for everyone, but we were contacted by a customer on our discord(http://discord.gg/H5MjkM9) who explained the issue and we found out that it was because of the Steam API scripts failing to initialize. To fix this I have attempted to disable the scripts and from testing it seems to have work. How I found out was went I launched the itch.io version of Suits, a friend message me on steam commenting on the fact that I was playing Suits. Thanks to him memeing on me I was able to solve this problem. Basically if you didn't own Suits on steam or if steam wasn't opened, the game would just crash. We are very sorry for not figuring this out sooner. Also while i'm here, i'm just going to plug our new game Suits: Absolute Power. It's the sequel to Suits: A Business RPG  and we have a demo of it out on itch.io(https://technomancystudios.itch.io/suits-absolute-power).


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Mar 30, 2019

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