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This game is so good, I bought it twice, on Steam and here!


Hello. Can I translate your game into Russian?

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Update On Problem Launching

If you have had trouble launching the game, soon it may be resolved by re-downloading the game. An issue with scripts trying to communicate with Steam has been resolved for the version

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The game simply closes after I open it.

Is there any way to solve that?

Its possibly anti-virus software. What operating system are you running it on?

I'm running it on Windows 7


game doesnt run, anybody else had this issue?

same here, would close after just opening it

Was this done in RPG Maker VX Ace?


Well would you be interested in a port of it being done in RPG Maker MV?

Its in MV too. When you download it, you get both. The mv version is in a subfolder of the VX ACE version named "Suits_Remastered".

Oh? Cause I would of ported it over to MV for you.

I didn't create the game. i just knew the answer to your questions.


Glad this game made it on Steam. Would definitely pay for a sequel to this!

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