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Welcome To 99 Bottles. (The Technomancy Studios Entry For Ludum Dare #40!)

The Increasingly Difficult Drinking Simulator That Truly Captures The Human Condition Of An 1830's Prospector, Cooling Down From His Day In The Mines With A Quick Swig of 99 Beers!

Click To Grab A Drink!

Mash Space-Bar To Open Wide.

Inhale Your Nut Bucket To Sober Up!

Toss Your Beer At The Target To Get More Nuts!

Keep An Eye On Your Crunk Meter To Avoid Blacking Out!

And Most Importantly, DONT Drink Responsibly! (And also have fun too.)

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Mal_Ware: Code

Gbone: Sound

Urban_Jesus: Art


Sober: Thirsty Boy

Buzzed: Tunnel Vision

Tipsy:  Control Loss / Worse Vision

Drunk: Inverted Controls

Crunk: Butter Fingers

Dead: Dead

P.S. It Aint Easy (As If Drinking 99 Beers Would Be)


99_Bottles.zip 27 MB

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