Gamma 19 Lore: Energy Crystals

In the world of Gamma 19, the robots that live in the ruins of the old world require energy in order to function.  Before the collapse of the old robot society, one of the biggest issues for all robots was finding an efficient source of energy. The robots would constantly upgrade their systems to use less energy. Solar, wind, and nuclear energy were the biggest sources of energy during this era. However as time passed by the weather became extremely unpredictable and rendered Solar and Wind energy to be unreliable. Nuclear also became unreliable due to population increase and lack of resources. Scientist were experimenting with new sources of energy(Sand, Gravity, Thermal, etc), however none were reliable. During a new excavation in a uncharted area, miner bots found a strange glowing crystals surrounded by glowing liquid. A group of top scientist where taken to the site to perform experiments. They concluded the liquid forms these crystals, which contain high amounts of energy. The most efficient way of getting the energy from the crystals is by refining them into a liquid form. The natural occurring liquid doesn't have nearly as much energy as the refined liquid. Just with half a gallon of the refined liquid crystal the average robot can  stayed powered for a month, sometimes longer. Every robot in commission was forced to change their power systems to the new standard. During this time the robot society went into a golden age of technology. 

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