First DevLog (06/13/17)

Hey everyone, this is the first Devlog from us. It's hard for us keep you guys updated on our new game since we are always busy with the game. Progress of the game will be broken up into 5 parts. The first four parts are the 4 main parts of the story, each part represents a town. Currently we are working on Town 1 and its quest.  We plan on being finished with Town 1 by the end of June or the first week of July. The fifth part of the game will be focus on working on the battle system and refining the game. In short we think the best way to get this game done as soon as possible we will focus getting all of the game foundations, assets, dialog, and cutscenes all done before we work on the battle system and other complicated things. Follow us on Twitter @TechnomancyUs.


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