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That main menu theme is amazing, any way you could put it on spotify or something so I can listen to it without having to open the game every time


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i found a glitch where you can skip the first boss by saving right before the cut scene


Neat speedrun strat

it wasnt intended but it saved me a ton of time. also i could pull it off with the worm monster but all it did was never trigger the fight and left me wandering the desert foreve


holy tits this game is cool I love the the weird goopy alien bug vibe its fuckin cool though I wish there was some sort of dodge or dash mechanic but that's just my personal preference either way good fuckin job I totally wanna see this goopy alien shit explored

There is a dodge mechanic, but it will be introduced in the next part of the game including another mechanic that I'll keep secret.

fuck yee excited

This game is fun!
Hoping for more content soon!